VERA stations

VERA array consists of 4 stations located at Mizusawa, Iriki, Ogasawara, and Ishigaki-jima.

VERA array configuration

Mizusawa station (Mizusawa, Iwate prefecture)

The VERA Mizusawa station is located at the Mizusawa astro-geodynamics observatory (MAO) of NAOJ in Iwate prefecture in the northern part of the Japan main land. Since the MAO used to be the International Latitude Observatory of Mizusawa, which was one of the key stations for the International Latitude Service, there are many types of observing facilities for geodesy and earth science as well as astronomy. Among them, the VERA 20m antenna is the largest one at MAO, and will play a major role in astronomical study at MAO.

VERA 20m antenna (left) and VLBI 10m antenna (right) at MAO

Construction of VERA Mizusawa station

Iriki station (Iriki, Kagoshima prefecture)

The VERA Iriki station is located at the Iriki farm of the Kagoshima University. The astronomers at School of Science, Kagoshima University have been playing a major role in construction and system setup, and will be doing so in scientific studies as well. At the Iriki farm, there is also the 1m optical/IR telescope of Kagoshima university.

VERA 20m antenna at Iriki station. On right the dome of 1m optical/IR telescope of Kagoshima University is seen.

Construction of Iriki station

Ogasawara station (Ogasawara, Tokyo Metropolis)

The VERA ogasawara station is located on Chichi-jima island in Tokyo Metropolis. The Chichi-jima island is an isolated island in the Pacific Oceans, about 1000 km south of the city of Tokyo. The antenna site is surrounded by the rain forest where rare species of subtropical plants inhabit.

VERA 20m antenna at Ogasawara station

Construction of Ogasawara station

Ishigaki-jima station (Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture)

The VERA Ishigaki-jima station is located on Ishigaki island, which is at the south-west end of the Ryukyu islands.

VERA 20m antenna at Ishigaki and 'SHI-SAH' on the gate. This imaginary dog, which is often seen on house gates everywhere in Ryukyu-islands, is believed to have magical power to prevent evils from coming in.